Xavier enclosure

Where can we get an enclosure for the Xavier that will prevent dust entry. The Xavier DK has the bottom board exposed to dust.

Hi joek5n31, some of the Jetson ecosystem partners are working on enclosure designs for Xavier, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, you may want to try putting the devkit in a customized metal or 3D-printed electronics box, just be cognizant of the heat dissipation or add a vent for the fan.

It is nothing too special, but I uploaded a cover/base for the Xavier, if you have a 3D printer available.

It won’t do much to keep out the dust, but it has holes for antennas, TX1/TX2 camera, and a headphone jack.
A 40-pin ribbon cable connector will fit on the header, as well. (I use an old PC IDE cable).


Thanks tonyvr for the nifty link! I have added it to the Xavier wiki.

Really looking forward to a case, particularly one that I can screw a PCIe card into. I’m trying to make a product out of the Xavier and the case is holding me back.