Xavier for RF Analog-to-Digital Signal Chain

Similarly to the AIR-T from Deepwave Digital that embeds radio frequency hardware with an FPGA and a Jetson TX2, I’m interested in a similar approach, but using the Xavier for digital signal processing.

I’m looking around, but it seems there is no carrier board for the Xavier that supports RF ADCs and DACs. One option would be to use a Xilinx RFSoC like the ZCU111 and connect it to the Xavier. Do you have any alternative/suggestions in mind? My main goal would be to acquire signals at GHz rates and produce signals at the same rates with an internal ADC.

Hope someone has such experience can be shared, or you can check ecosystem for possibility.

Hi Trumany, thanks for your reply.

It seems that there are no carriers with data acquisition throughput higher than 1MSPS. The closest thing is this full system:


But that uses the Jetson TX2 and has not DAC, only ADCs.

Hi Julii – while we don’t have an AGX Xavier carrier board that integrates ADC expansion as a standard product, we do have ADC experience that could be rolled into a customized AGX Xavier solution. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to pass along more info on that process - you can email me at sgill@connecttech.com. You can also check out connecttech.com to view our standard products and some of the customized solutions we’ve built.

Thank you, SpencerGill, but I would rather use commercially available products.