Xavier Funny Usb Connection Error


After flashing xavier for sdk installations, my host pc does not see xavier with lsusb. I tried going into recovery mode, that way it can see via lsusb but can’t install sdk elements.

After a long struggle I fixed the problem via changing host input from usb3 to usb2. However the interesting side is it can see lsusb from usb3 and make flashing from there.

Flash is over USB in recovery mode. Component install requires the Xavier to be fully booted. A flash ends with a reboot. However, there is one other consideration in more recent releases: The user account is not there by default, and on first boot of the Xavier (with keyboard/monitor attached) there is a setup for adding that account. Did you have a monitor/keyboard attached, and did you add the account?

Yeah done all them, tried many times with rebooting, and while xavier was on changed from usb3 to usb2 on host. That’s fixed everything.

Hi osmanberkx0x,

Please try using ‘eth0’ IP address to install SDK components.
You can reference below topic:

Hi carolyuu,

I suppose you didnt read the post carefully,

I had a problem over lsusb connection and shared how I solved it, so there is no need to use eth0.

But I cannot connect tx2i over lsusb after flashing, while I can do with tx2 or xavier, is tx2i not supported for lsusb connection after flashing?

Please go to /opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode/ and run the script “*runtime-start.sh” as a super user.

Then l4tbr0 interface should appear.