Xavier GSM Hat

is there a GSM hat for the Xavier, or are the pinouts the same as say for the NANO where maybe this also would work there

Although the pinouts are the same, they’re not in the same place. The pins on the NX are closer to the edge of the carrier board by about 5mm which means the little USB pcb bridge that connects the carrier board with the hat won’t align. You’d have to use a short type A male to type A male cable to get them to connect.

I’d wait a bit. There are bound to be new products rolling out for the NX soon.

its going in a custom 3d printed case, just needed to make sure itll work before i start hunting down that path!

The case doesn’t matter. If you look at the pics of the HAT, it uses a solid PCB bridge between the hat and the Nano devkit carrier board. Actually, it looks like a type A male to micro male instead of type A male to type A male. Since the 40 pin header on the NX isn’t in the same place as the Nano, the hat will be shifted right by 5 mmm (as looking at the pic below) so the usb ports on the hat no longer line up with the devkit board. You’ll need to use a short cable to connect the two boards. I also just realized that the hat will now extend past the edge of the carrier board as well so design your case accordingly.

EDIT. I also just realized that the mounting holes won’t line up either.

SHITE! good catch, ok, though mean while i can start to prep and test on the bench to validate it works. i see the point though on the alignment, hopefully someone will design one for the Xavier NX. Personally I think one of the new sierra modules on it would rock. its really just a pcb board design at this point.