Xavier heatsink fan not working

Any suggestions to my problem

Even under heavy load and with CPU / GPU temperatures in range on 70-80 degrees the Fan in my development kit is not starting. Not even with MAXN power mode.

I have forced the fan speed with jetson_clocks.sh to 255.
And after the forcing, the script with --show parameter reports “Fan: speed=255”.

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_fan/temp_control reports 1
sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_fan/target_pwm reports 255

Sometimes by tapping or knocking the unit lightly fan rotates less than second and dies out.
Did I receive faulty unit?

Is there a chance that the fan cable is disconnected? If you remove the 4 screws holding the feet on the system and remove the baseboard is the fan cable connected?

Yeah, sounds like either a loose wire/connector (which you may be able to fix with a screwdriver,) or a bad fan (which is hard to fix yourself, because of the integrated module/heatsink design of the devkit.)

One if the wires in the female connector seems to be loose as the connector seems to be slightly broken. I need to change the female connector.

I found from the reference material that the male connector on the motherboard is 50279-0040N-003 from Aces Electronic Co., Ltd. I could not find the part number for the female connector on the heatsink/fan from the reference material. Does anyone know it?

Hello Heikki,

FAN wire with male connector:
ACES. www.aces.com

housing: 50280-4H0-001
Terminals: 88232-T

or equivalent

female connector solder (SMT) on board

ACES 50279-0040N-003

please do let know when, how, where the connector and/or wire broke.

ensure when you pluck out the connector, do not pull on wires, instead seat the PCB stably, and use two finger nails to pull out the connector evenly.
likewise, when re-inserting the FAN cable w/connector , push on plastic body. after initial guiding it in. do not push on wires to snap the plastic body. also, the male connector terminals are upside visible when plugging into the female connector on board.

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