Xavier industrial as root complex connected to other device ,the root Xavier doesn’t appear to have access to the endpoint device

Hi guys , I use Xavier industrial as root complex connected to IMX6q with pcie which act as Endpoint, however in terminal i use lspci command cannot find out the IMX6q
the picture show the dmsg of pcie , i didnt find any wrong about it, in terms of hardware, we use C1 controller for pcie on Xavier, I hope you can help me find out where the problem is,thank you so much!!!

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Hi,thanks for your asking, i still need support, still dont know where the problem is…


  1. Is IMX6q verified on any other host(ex: x86)?

Apply attached patch, compile and flash DTB for step-2 & 3.
0001-DNI-limit-speed-and-disable-power-down.patch (996 Bytes)

  1. Try lower gen speed and lane width.

  2. Disable PCIe power down and dump below registers using busybox devmem in root shell.
    busybox devmem 0x141000d0


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