Xavier Industrial Real Time Counter Problem

Any time you build the make target “tegra_defconfig” you’ve set the base config, and the file “.config” is generated. You don’t need to edit that file directly (and unless you are absolutely certain nothing you change has any dependencies, you should not touch the generated file), you can use a make target such as “nconfig” (a lot of people use “menuconfig” which is almost exactly the same as nconfig, but nconfig has a symbol search).

Please note that during a kernel build, if you specify a separate temporary file output location with the “O=/some/where”, then this is where the .config goes. All steps would need to use that same “O=”, including configuration steps such as nconfig. Within nconfig you could search for symbols using “rtc_hctosys_device” (it is case insensitive and can find partial string matches).

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