Xavier industrial usb cannot work

I have two problems.

  1. We have developped our own carrier board which has no pd controller. After we modified the device tree according to the topics in this forum, XAVIER works well. Currently, we use XAVIER INDUSTRIAL on our carrier board. All the usb port cannot work. I have updated the dtb file as we have done on XAVIER, but it cannot work on Xavier Industrial. How to modify the dts file and Is there any new guide for Xavier Industrial to update device tree?
  2. Our carrier board can self power on successfully when use Xavier。 However, when use Xavier Industrial, It can power on only after the reset button is pressed. I have checked the control signals( moudle_pwr_on, power_bad_n, power_button_ctl ). They are all ok. Are there any possble problems for this issue.

Thanks for your reply


Please file a separate topic for your second question if this is not for usb.

As for your first question, I think there is no difference.

Please make sure that you didn’t modify the wrong dts file.

There was similar case last week and turned out it is wrong dts file.

Thanks, After having changed tegra194-p2888-0008-p2822-0000.dtb according Jetson/FAQ/BSP/Remove TypeC - eLinux.org, the usb port works.

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