Xavier JetPack SD image install error

Hey guys,

ok coming from a jetson nano I purchased a kit that was premade from Aver media, Went to the Xavier NX get started.

i have an 8gb NX Xavier, flashed the SD card with the latest JetPack SD card image available, yet i get stuck in a BASH CLI with no OS running and not being able to see my SD card at all when i type dh -f for example.

Do i need to install an older Jetpack version and update the OSPI before install 5.1?

This is the kit i have purchased AVerMedia Dev System Jetson Xavier NX 8G System-On-Module (MA-41AI-SOM-D111NX) shop at AUSTiC SHOP

Any help would be great, otherwise i will go down the path of Jetpack 4.6 and work backwards from there.

The sdcard image is only for the nvidia devkit.

For any custom board, you should check the vendor if they provide the BSP image to flash on the board.

Thank you for the quick reply, I will take a look at there site.

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