Xavier,Jetpack4.6,L4T 32.6.1

I use Xavier,Jetpack4.6,L4T 32.6.1 with my customer board, I have a strange problem:

Placed overnight after the first boot, there will be a large probability of error : “Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.”, as shown in the figure below:

When I run the "sudo systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service ",“sudo journalctl _PID=2618” command, the result is shown below :

prompt “Failed to lookup alias ‘nvgpu’ : Function n …”

The following references are available:

The following points are summarized:
1.This problem is likely to occur when the device is turned on for the first time after a long period of time;
2.It is not easy to reproduce after restarting again;
3.Make sure the kernel and Lib modules match and are compiled from the same set of code.

What are the possible causes of this problem?
How to solve this problem?

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!


What is the “uname -r” output when it works? Is it the same answer after failing? A full serial console boot log would be better than screenshots, but it seems one module is at fault, and perhaps not others. When it fails, is anything correctly loaded? You can find out with “lsmod”. Also, is this kernel the original, or is it modified in any way?

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