Xavier JTAG connector on DriveAGX


I have to connect a HW debugger to Xavier A JTAG.
On the Jetson board (PN:600-82822-BASE-700, PCB REV P2822-B03), the connector is labeled as “JTAG”, so I could find and use it easily (J502), however on DriveAGX there seems to be 5 of them and there is no label besides J references (J5, J4, J37, J54 and J61).

Could you please let me know if those are the correct JTAG connectors on DriveAGX? If so, which one belongs to Xavier A, B and Aurix? If not, where are they?

I didn’t find the PCB REV for DriveAGX, so that’s what I got:
E3550: 699-63550-0001-501 G2, SN 1613919000013.
In case you need more info to reference these connectors, please let me know.

Pedro Rossetti

Hi Pedro,

This will require some additional dialog to understand what you are trying to do. If you could please file a bug on this topic we can further assist there.