Xavier Nameserver information manager not starting at boot.

Also shows unknown option nsdelegate. This renders the machine unable to use dns. This is the second time its happened since going to 4.3. Just reflashed yesterday and this morning its doing the same thing. I need to know which files are involved so I can try and fix without reflashing the entire machine. Its a full days work to get it back to normal.

Normally the DHCP server is part of the router and provides the nameserver…this isn’t hard wired into the Xavier. Basically, it sounds like either the router did not respond, or else some other error prevented using the response (e.g., firewalls). In a case when this fails you might want to include the boot log (or even just the content of “dmesg” after boot completes and it has been verified there is a failure), along with the output of “ifconfig” and “route”.

Do note that there are many cases of cache files not being updated…which in turn could be on the Xavier side, or it could be at the router side. Is there anything unusual about your network, router, or any kind of firewalling?

The rest of the machines on the network have no issues so its not the router. Something is getting corrupted because it will work for a time after reflashing. I searched for nameserver information manager and get no hits. Is that a nvidia add-on?. The /etc/resolv.conf is a dead link when its not working. If I redo that link I can ping by hostname but apt won’t work so there is still something that isn’t right. I made copies of libresolve before I rebooted the first time in case those were getting corrupted but no joy. When it boots up you get one of those start job messages on Nameserver information manager which times out. I need to know what that is so I can figure out what is going on. Nothing in dmesg the only indication is the message when its booting.

Duh my mistake :) A huge brain fade. I created a program to drive the touchscreen on my bot and called it touch :) Set it up to start via systemd and to top it all off I put it in /bin :) So when the system started up and it needed to create /run/systemd/system/resolv.conf it had no way to touch the file. So startup of the resolver failed. Apparently apt upgrade creates some files as well which would explain why it still didn’t work even after I fixed the resolver by manually putting the two nameserver ip addresses in it. Needless to say the program I wrote is no longer called touch :) Its actually pretty cool. Interfaces to a 4-d systems 43-dt touch screen doing a lot of the same things that tegrastats does. I needed it to start at boot because it has a config screen to set up the startup of the bot. I used to do it with a phone but its so small its a pita to deal with. https://youtu.be/mgMfq0ssElg Can’t believe I did this couple of days trying to figure out what was happening.