XAVIER no operating issue

we were make a board last year.

so we offered 20set for customer.

recently we were faced with a difficult problem.

old xavier module is no problem.

One of the 10 products I recently purchased has a problem.
MPG_no_problem_module(old)_no_problem.txt (93.5 KB) MPG_problem_module(new)_problem.txt (102.7 KB)

attached file is log message.
‘MPG_no_problem_module(old)_no_problem.txt’ = old xavier module + ours PCB board log message
‘MPG_problem_module(new)_problem.txt’ = new xavier module(recently buy module) + ours PCB board

image is ours pcb board.

can you give me a suggestion?

What’s the result of new module + carrier board of dev kit?
Please share the S/N number of old and new modules for check.

problem module is xavier module also.


No problem module : S/N 0425018054058
problem module : S/N 0420919015389

Sorry I mistake~ I correct text

can you check log message?


Which software release are you using?

software release version check info

[No problem module ]

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier [16GB]
L4T 32.1.0 [ JetPack 4.2 ]
Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
Kernel Version: 4.9.140

Xlib: extension “NV-GLX” missing on display “localhost:10.0”.
CUDA 10.0.166
CUDA Architecture: 7.2
OpenCV version: 3.4.3
OpenCV Cuda: YES
Vision Works:

indiarich82 is my coworker.
he is software engineer.

On the “no working”, it looks like a bunch of C++ objects are created pretty early - that’s not present in the working one. I’m talking about “welcome to lk” and the stuff that follows it. Was that enabled via a debug flag or something? It almost looks like it’s prior to Cboot coming up. Did you customize the boot?

Not sure what’s going on. Did you try reflashing the new module - kernel, dtb, rootfs.

we didn’t change the Cboot code.

would you check the ours log message?

I check on the NVIDIA development kit today, two module is no problem.

How to different between new module and old module.

old module S/N number is high more than new module.

Sorry. I had those strange C++ messages as well.

Someone else had a similar problem. They took the Xavier that had the problem and installed it on an AGX devkit and the problem was not present.

It turned out that their custom device did not have an sdcard interface - disabling the sdcard solved the problem.
Your error seems to be an sdcard issue as well -
31.584801 Workqueue: events sdhci_delayed_detect

Try disabling the sdcard in your DTSI - 3400000.sdhci status = “disabled”;

It worked for them.

Good luck,
Larry @ FLIR

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you are right, thank you so much! we solved the problem.

No problem.