Xavier NX 16GB Production module no longer booting

After successfully installing an SSD to increase storage and partially successfully upgrading jetpack 4.6 (factory settings) to jetpack 5.0, I tried to restart the device but now it gets stuck on the NVIDIA logo screen. What can I do from here? The most ideal solution for me would be to somehow reflash the entire system as jetpack 5.0, but I only have a windows laptop and a jetson nano, no linux pc. Will a virtualbox VM with linux installed work?

VMs are not officially supported, but they have been known to work if you have enough disk space, and if that disk space is ext4 (a Windows filesystem type will initially appear to work, but the installed system will be severely broken). The main trick is that USB will disconnect and reconnect during flash, and a VM will often “lose” the USB during this time. You’d have to understand your VM’s instructions on making sure that the USB always reconnects to the VM during a USB stop/start. Dual boot is recommended (Ubuntu 20.04 if you are using JetPack/SDKM 5, 18.04 if using JetPack/SDKM 4).

To recap my solution (after several days of failed attempts):

  • wipe an unused windows laptop and install ubuntu 18.04 on it (you can also try to dual-boot but I had problems opening applications). Ubuntu 20.04 is risky because sometimes it is not compatible with SDKManager - you will see no available jetpack releases. Using Ubuntu 18.04 will still give you access to a working copy of Jetpack 5.0.x.
  • install Nvidia SDKManager
  • flash the OS onto the eMMC of the production module - your jetpack installation WILL error out due to insufficient storage - do not quit sdkmanager yet
  • migrate rootfs to the SSD using this tutorial: Memory Expansion - Seeed Wiki
  • Complete the jetpack installation using SDKManager with the expanded memory

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