Xavier NX boot failed,kernel boot failed

NX boot failed. Attached is log, please help to check.

[0005.131] E> Enumerated device doesn’t belong to MSD class or protocol is not bulk-only!!
[0005.139] E> USBMSD: Failed to initialize Enumerated USB device either not an MSD device or supported protoco[0005.148] E> USBMSD: Failed to open usbmsd open, 0.
[0005.153] E> Error opening USBMSD driver 0, err: 7c7c0312
[0005.158] E> Failed to initialize device 5-0
[0005.162] E> USB boot failed, err: 2088502034
[0005.166] I> ########## Fixed storage boot ##########
[0005.171] E> Blockdev open: exit error
[0005.175] E> kernel boot failed

BTW, Jetpack is 4.4[L4T 32.4.3] .
We haven’t made any change to bootloader code.
We will mass produce immediately, and we are worried.

We did some work.
1.Cross-validation proves the SD card is OK.
2.Use a multimeter to measure the power supply 12V of the NX board and the voltage on the board are normal.
SaveWindows2021_6_8_15-19-16.TXT.txt (20.2 KB)

Hi 635161930,

Are you working with at YoungZhang NX boot failed - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Xavier NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums?
Your descriptions are almost the same.

Yes,We are colleagues and the problem is very serious now, so we asked 2 questions.
Please help us to solve it as soon as possible

Please apply these patches to your cboot source and update your cboot.

  1. I don’t know why I need to upgrade cboot, the system started is through SD card.
  2. Cross-validation proves the SD card is OK.Pull out the SD card to another NX board, it can start normally.
  3. The SD card is inserted on the board, but it is not detected in the log information
[15:17:31.254]ÊÕ¡û¡ô1.829] I> No sdcard
[0001.831] I> -0 params source = 
[0001.835] I> Found 47 partitions in QSPI_FLASH (instance 0)
[0001.847] I> regulator 'vdd-hdmi-5v0' already enabled
[0001.851] I> regulator 'vdd-hdmi-5v0' already enabled
[0001.851] E> tegrabl_display_init_regulator: hdmi cable is not connected
[0001.856] E> tegrabl_display_get_pdata, failed to parse dtb settings
[0001.864] E> invalid display type
[0001.866] E> cannot find any other nvdisp nodes
[0001.869] E> no valid display unit config found in dtb
[0001.875] W> display init failed

Then your issue is just same as your colleague. Just use one topic to track.

Okay, let’s follow up on the list of questions from YoungZhang.

Hi WayneWWW:

Thanks for your help.

We found the root cause: the SD card was inserted normally, but it is still in a state of poor contact.

Only when you press the SD card with your finger, hold it and turn on the power, it can start and display normally.

If you release your finger, it will not start properly.