Xavier NX camera capture from CAM0

HI there

I have a problem trying to read from CAM0 port

I am using an Xavier NX and I have connected the MIPI output of an ADV7280-eval board (camera being fed in to AIN1 on that board).
I need help to read the camera input to the board

How do I get gstream to read the input of that camera/port? what are the settings required for that

Thank you

Check below link for integrate the driver to the system first.

Hi there

Thanks for the link, but there is a python script that will read the CSI port directly? or a GST-Launch script for that matter?

All i need is to read the input from the CAM0 CSI onto the screen


After confirm the driver is working you can use gstreamer command line or v4l2 API to capture to screen.

HI Shane

I tried to follow the instruction in the Tegra Linux Driver, but they seem out of date compared to the L4T release that I have running

Can you give me a run down / recipe of how to add a device driver for the ADV7280 Evaluation board… I am new to embedded Ubuntu and also new to Tegra/Jetson architecture…

Can you help


You can just search this forum for the ADV7280 driver relative topic.