Xavier NX camera i2c read write issue

i want to set auto focus control for sony imx219 camera module in jetson xavier board. several items were discussed here. but it did’t solve the issue i encountered.
i checked the dts tree for imx219 , the /* I2C device address */ reg = <0x10>; the camera 0 and camera 1 are located in bus 9 and 10. even with mux chip, the camera0 (bus 9) was selected.
so i used i2cget or i2cset to try to get or set register values.
nether these commands was received read/ write failed response.
i2cget -f 9 0x10 0x0c
i2cset -f 9 0x10 0x0c 0x00
i followed the below sample code for auto foucs.

could you inform me what’s wrong with my i2c commands? thank you,

Please try asking in the Jetson forums, this one is mostly about the x86 graphics driver.