Xavier NX CAN controller issue - Developer Kit model P3518


I have a Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit (model P3518) and am having trouble using the CAN controller. I have successfully performed the loopback test and correctly received the message from loopback. Then I attached a CAN transceiver to the CAN J17 port and configured the CAN pins. However, when trying to send a message on the CAN transceiver, no message is observed on the CAN pins. I used an oscilloscope to check the voltage when trying to send CAN messages and no signal voltage was observed on the CAN_TX pin when trying to send CAN messages.

Is the CAN controller active on this model P3518 of Xavier? Do you have any advice what needs to be configured to correctly send CAN messages?

The attached image shows the shell script used to configure the CAN pins.

Please check below thread to see if can gain some ideas: CAN Transceivers on Jetson AGX Xavier

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