[Xavier NX] Coin Cell Battery charging disable

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Double confirm, There is a description from the document(max77620.txt) which this topic mention,

This sub-node configure charging backup battery of the device. Device has
support of charging the backup battery. The subnode name is "backup-battery".
The property for backup-battery child nodes as:
Presence of this child node will enable the backup battery charging.
  1. After trace, This section seems belong the tegra194-spmic-p3668.dtsi for Xavier NX, Am I right?


  1. This photo is the part content of the tegra194-spmic-p3668.dtsi.

    Is the yellow section indicates our Xavier NX is disable the Battery Charging already?? or I need to remove the whole section of backup-battery??

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Actually that “status=disabled” is a dummy node and cannot control anything.

Just remove the whole back-battery property from the device tree and the battery charging will be disabled.

Dear WayneWWW,

Sorry to bother you for this topic again, the dts tune is success.
But according our validate, there seems a 2.5V between “power on” and OS take over. It might belong the Xavier NX’s firmware(Maybe MB1/MB2).
Is that possible to tune/disable them, too??

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Please refer to this MB1 pmic configuration document.


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