Xavier NX cooling problem on Jetpack 5

0001-Xavier-NX-does-only-have-6-cpu-s-but-cooling-zones-w.patch (2.1 KB)

I had some issues with the fan controller (nvfancontrol) on Jetpack 5, the fan was not running and the CPU temperature seemed locked at 25C. Was digging around alot and the attached patch fixed the issue for me.

Can you confirm, that this is a bug in Jetpack 5? Or should i look for the root cause elsewhere? No problems on Jetpack 4.

For reference: We are running a custom carrier board with a Yocto Image, but the kernel should be the same from GitHub - OE4T/linux-tegra-5.10: NVIDIA downstream Linux kernel for Jetson platforms in single-repo form, derived from L4T R35.x series BSP

Thanks for sharing the patch. Do you observe the issue on Jetpack 5.0.2 or 5.1? There are certain fixes between the releases and not sure if you have upgraded to 5.1 and still hits the issue.


We have not tested a lot on 5.0.2, so not sure if the issue was there also, but it the problem is present on 5.1 without the patch.

I can confirm, 5.0.2 did not had this issue.
In 5.1, the temperature tends to not change for cpu. So it is not triggering fan.
Btw how to use patch @casperlyngesen.mogensen ?


You need to apply it to the devicetree for the Xavier NX.

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