When I was using the NX16G module, I found that the log had a CPU error, as shown in the figure below.

The complete log information is as follows.
cpu_error.log (67.8 KB)

What application was rnning there?
Which L4T/JetPack version?
Any reproduce steps?


No programs are running, the L4T board is 32.7.2, not sure if it can be reproduced.

It looks like coming from wifi card. Do you have any wifi card on your board?

We have added a wireless bluetooth network card, will this affect my use?

Please remove them first and see if it is the cause.

FYI, the cf80211_ch_switch_notify is usually a wireless network issue, so removing the hardware (and if the driver is no longer loaded) is a good test.

I’m using a wifi module removed from a previous Xavier NX Develop kit.I found that as long as the wifi is not connected there is no this warning, as long as the connection is connected this error occurs.After removing the wifi module, this error will no longer be reported. May I ask if there are any recommended wifi module specifications? Can make us not have this error in use.

Excuse me, is there a solution to this problem? Or, is there a recommended wifi module to use? And will this error affect the performance of the module?

I can’t answer this, but it is possible that a device tree change or driver change might fix the issue. I have not tried, so I can’t say for sure.

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