Xavier NX dev kit main board and Xavier NX module

Hi, I have a Xavier NX dev kit. The main module is not working. I saw there were some Xavier NX modules (not the devkit) on sale on eBay. Can I buy that module and insert it into my devkit carrier board? My understanding is that the main module on the devkit and the non-devkit module is different.

We have 2 kinds if Xavier NX module, one with SD card slot which is sell with devkit, this other one is eMMC module which also can work on devkit main board.

How much memory does the SD slot module have?

4GB LPDDR4 memory
8GB LPDDR4 memory

Thank you.

Xavier NX devkit module has 8 GB RAM, no? At least mine has.

Sorry for my careless, yes, there are 8GB memory on SD card moduel.

For the 16G memory production module, will it work with the devkit carrier board too?

Yes. those modules are compatible with devkit carrier board.

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