Xavier NX Dev Kit - when using a sd card image to boot, how do you make a partition?

Hello there,

I was hoping to encrypt my sd card, with SecureBoot, but as I am using a sd card in my Xavier NX dev kit, it seems like it is not possible.
In order for me to protect my IP(Intellectual Property), I needed some sort of encryption, and there were other 2 options : Trusted Execution Environment and Disk Encryption, right?

Then, I thought it might be better and a lot easier to encrypt my data through Disk Encryption.
But it seems like it needed another partition for it to be encrypted.

  1. Is it possible to write the disk image(jetson nx sd card image) with etcher after i made my SD card partition through other program?

1 -1 ) if not, is it possible to make partition after writing disk image and booting the os? Which i meant after booting the Xavier and make partitions inside the OS within?

  1. With TEE, can i possibly encrypt the data which is stored in my sd card?

Would be appreciated to get some helps here!

hello jkang,

you’re correct that SD-card is not supports, Jetson Security it only works with eMMC.