Xavier NX DevKit Radiated Emission

Dear Team,
We have designed a carrier board for Jetson Xavier NX. We performed Pre-Compliance Testing for Radiated Emission with only an HDMI monitor connected; nothing else being run on the system. We found that the board emits radiation over the frequencies ~594MHz, 741MHz, 891MHz & crosses the limits of 57 dBuV/m. So we tested the Xavier NX DevKit in the set up & similar frequencies were observed as in the image attached.

Please help us with the following:

  1. DevKit is certified to 55032 & 55035. Kindly share the test report for the same.
  2. We had added choke instead of 3.32E series resistor for HDMI interface. When we observed the failure, we replaced the series resistor with choke TDK# MCZ1210AH900L2TA0G since TDK# ACM2012D-900-2P was not recommended for new designs.

Please help us in solving this issue to suppress the radiations from the HDMI interface.

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Hi, for custom design, the layout routing should follow the Product Design Guide. That will guarantee the layout quality. To reduce the possible RF EMI, the routing might need to be considered to run between two GND layer or something similar. Anyway, there is General Routing Guidelines in Product Design Guide that should be followed well, you can check that and try to optimize the design.

The above screenshot was captured with Xavier NX DevKit, that itself shows failures. Could you please share the test setup of CE certification for the module? Was it qualified on the Xavier NX DevKit? Was Xavier NX qualified with HDMI interface in operational mode? Please share us a copy of the test report. We are keen to resolve this issue with our system at the earliest possible.

PS: Product Design Guidelines have been closely followed & results with series choke & resistors are separately available.

Please find the certification of module in DLC regulatory and compliance docs. [update]The devkit cert docs are here: https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-xavier-nx-developer-kit-regulatory-and-compliance-documents-p3518

In the certification, for accessories, only power adapter is listed. Mention of keyboard, mouse, monitor etc are not available. Is it possible to view the CE Test Report?

The package includes the certification as below, test report is not public.

  • P3518_ENV.pdf
  • P3518_CB_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Japan_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_EU_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_US_CA_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Korea_Cert.pdf|
  • P3518_Taiwan_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Australia_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_TUV_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Ukraine_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_BQB_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_DoS_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Israel_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Philippines_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Russia_EAC_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Russia_EAC_RoHS_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Russia_FAC_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Serbia_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Singapore_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_SRRC_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_Vietnam_Cert.pdf
  • P3518_WPC_India_Cert.pdf

Ok I understand. In this case, could you help me understand the difference between the unit that underwent CE certification & the production version? Are there any assembly or PCB related differences?

Only module is for product, devkit is for development only. It is same module with carrier board or not.

It is the module with the carrier board.

Is it possible to share only the chamber QuasiPeak readings for horizontal & vertical polarizations for 1-4m antenna heights?

All we can provide are in DLC already.

The compliance documents actually only callout the relevant standards. We needed set up information & measurement readings.

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