Xavier NX DP test Mode with Agilent Oscilloscope

I want to test DP eye diagram,But I can’t enter the DP test mode with Agilent Oscilloscope ,How can I do?


Please refer to the Xavier series tuning guide here.

I readed tuning guide before ask this issus,I tried to control DP AUX with DPR-100 but Xavier NX couldn’t enter the DP test mode,Another DP Source can enter the DP with DPR-100 ,So DPR-100 can work,Why Xavier NX can’t enter the DP test mode


Are you try it on reference board or your custom board?

On reference board

Is there any other way to enter DP test mode?

Please read this NX doc: https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-xavier-nx-tuning-and-compliance-guide-application-note-v10