Xavier NX inference speed

I’m using a Nvidia jetson Xavier NX Development Kit for image classification, with model Resnet-18. But the frame rate for classification is slower than I expected.
The program basically uses the code from dusty https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-inference/blob/master/docs/imagenet-example-python-2.md
My image size is 224X224X3. To test the inference frame per second, I just load an image and model. run the inference 2000 time to calculate the FPS.

net = jetson.inference.imageNet(“ResNet-50”,[network1])
img= jetson.utils.loadImage(image_0.jpg)

start = time.time()
for im in range(2000):
class_idx, confidence = net.Classify(img)
end= time.time()

the resulting frame rate is ~250 FPS for Resnet-18 and ~160 FPS for Resnet-50. This is a lot slower than 824 for FPS ResNet-50.

using the benchmark program. I did get 824 FPS.

any other parameters need to be changed to increase the speed?

Jetpack UNKNOWN (L4T 32.5.2)
CUDA 10.2.89

Did you boost the system by nvpmodel and jetson_clocks?

sudo nvpmodel -m 2 
sudo jeston_clocks


You can find the detailed configure used in the Jetson Benchmarks sample below:

The ResNet-50 model is running by GPU with 2DLAs in the multi-batch mode.

ModelName       	FrameWork	Devices	BatchSizeGPU	BatchSizeDLA	WS_GPU	WS_DLA	  ...
ResNet50_224x224	caffe	    3	    4	            2	            2048    1024     ...


Thanks. kayccc. I tried the two command, the FPS is the same about 250 FPS for ResNet-18. I also update the Xavier NX Development Kit to Jetpack 4.6.

Thanks for the help AastaLLL.

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