Xavier NX JP 5.1.2 Secureboot BootSecurityInfo

In the Secure Boot documentation here: Secure Boot — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation, this parameter is mentioned several times, with various values, but there is no explaination as to what the values mean.

It is connected with Security_info, but I don’t see documentation for that either.

I’m sure I read along the way that it is a bitmap of something.

What value should I use?


hello nick-ratbert,

please refer to Jetson Xavier NX Fuse Specification Application Note,
you may check for fuse name, FUSE_BOOT_SECURITY_INFO for the descriptions.

So if I have a 3072 bit RSA key on Xavier NX, the following seems reasonable?

<genericfuse MagicId="0x45535546" version="1.0.0">
    <fuse name="PublicKeyHash" size="32" value="0x112233445566778899aabbccddeeff00ffeeddccbbaa99887766554433221100"/>
    <fuse name="SecureBootKey" size="16" value="0x123456789abcdef0fedcba9876543210"/>
    <fuse name="BootSecurityInfo" size="4" value="0x6"/>
    <fuse name="SecurityMode" size="4" value="0x1"/>

By dumb luck that is what I already had :) though not with that hash and key.


looks correct. it indicate PKC with 3072 bit RSA, and also enables SBK encryption.

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