Xavier NX Kit boot failed and stay at bash

Hi, expert.

I gathered log as below,

xnx_serial_boot_log.txt (25.4 KB)

Would my NX kit be needed RMA?

Could you try to flash your board with sdkmanager first?

I can only tell the eeprom value on module seems been overwritten.

Hi WayneWWW,

Thanks for your comments.
By the way, do you mean SDKManger can recover the EEPROM as factory default?
When I trying overwriting the OS via SDKManger to my NX Dev kit, it is unable to write.

I am referring followed issue


my booting steps fall into bash…


  1. Jeston Nano and NX are different platforms, please do not directly take any method from nano to apply on NX directly. Especially when boot related stuff is being touched.

  2. That topic was for jetson nano, we didn’t hear any corrupted eeprom issue that would cause NX system fails.

  3. SDKmanager will not restore eeprom. Your current problem seems has nothing to do with eeprom, it is just file system didn’t get mounted. Thus, try to flash sdkmanager and see if system can get back first.

  4. After system gets back, use i2cset to correct your eeprom again.


While I update, I just see this error message as below.

Please directly use flash.sh and give me the error log you see.

The quick start guide will teach you how to put device into recovery and how to run flash.sh.