Xavier NX Not Detecting PCA9688 Driver Board

Hello All
I am facing this issue with Xavier NX, trying to connect PCA9685 board after installing Adafruit CircuitPython liberary but NX is not detecting the port at all, when I try to run the command, it just says “Clearning the Pins” no other errors. When I run sudo i2cdetect -y -r 1 none of the rows are detected. Can some one please help ?

You may need to narrow down the problem first. Otherwise contact with vendor to get support.


From JetsonHacks: https://www.jetsonhacks.com/nvidia-jetson-xavier-nx-gpio-header-pinout/

I2C pins 3 and 5 are indeed on I2C Bus 8

Found this over at DIY Drones (June 2020) which might explain your problem:

“When it shipped, the NX had the wrong I2C bus for the RPi-style GPIO pins (it used the bus numbers from the older TX2 board rather than the Nano, which is odd because it shares a form factor with the Nano). After I brought this to Nvidia’s attention they said they would release a utility that allows you to remap the I2C bus/pins. Until then, RPi I2C peripherals won’t work unless they allow you to reset their bus to #8 (as opposed to the default #1). Alternatively, if your I2C peripheral has wires to connect to the pins (as opposed to a fixed header) you can use the NX’s pins 27 and 28 rather than the usual 3 and 5, and that will work on Bus 1”

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