Xavier NX not recognizing certain ACM USB device

I’m wondering if you just have a defective board that’s either not supplying enough power or if maybe the USB phy is bad. It could also be a “marginal” cable. Can you tell if the M300 is getting power? Any indicators that show up when connected to the TX2 or hub that don’t when it’s connected directly to the NX? You’ve probably already tried this but how about a cable swap? Finally, how are you powering the NX?

The Auvidea carrier board was running on the Dec 2019 image from Auvidea. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the setup anymore to check the L4T version. I never tested it on the TX2 with a dev board, but it did work using the DJI Manifold 2 with a TX2. That was running DJI’s image.

Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately I don’t have access to the setup anymore, but I can offer what I tried.

The USB hub I used to get it to successfully run was unpowered. It was some generic Amazon USB hub that can optionally be powered, but I didn’t have any power supplied.

The M300 is powered by its own batteries. The Nvidia board actually connects to the M300 through the USB 2.0 port on the Onboard Computer adapter board. All these elements are relatively new, having been released within the past few months.

Finally, yes I’ve tried different cables. And I’ve tested the NX powered by the 19 V supply that comes with it, and with a 12 V supply coming from the M300.

DJI’s documentation leaves a lot to be desired. :) So their provided cable is a A to A cable then you have to use an adapter? I can’t tell. It’s definitely something at the lowest level though since it sounds like the hub is re-generating/shaping/timing the USB signals. It may be that both the NX and the DJI interface adapter are just a tiny bit out of spec such that when connected to devices that ARE in spec it’s not enough to cause a problem but when connected to another device that’s also a tiny bit out, it adds up to enough out that they can’t even negotiate. I’d consider a RMA of the NX if possible.

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I appreciate the help. You’re correct, it’s an A to A cable to an adapter box. I wonder if there’s some issue with the NX/M300 host to device relationship. Something like incorrectly treating the M300 as a host when it should be treated as a device (not sure of the terminology here). But when it runs through a USB hub, it’s forced to treat it as a device.

I have been trying to connect the Xavier NX to the DJI M300 drone (via an X-Port) but I have had no luck so far. Oddly enough, it worked fine with the TX2 as has been mentioned in this thread.

@jeffav2 Did you get further with this problem?

The only way I was able to get it to work is by using a simple USB hub between the Xavier NX and the M300 adapter box. I haven’t touched it since then.

I’m not familiar with an X-Port. How are you connecting everything?

I found a solution to my problem:

However, to answer your question, the X-Port is connected to the M300 via the onboard gimbal. The other end of the X-Port connects to a Payload SDK board.

The Payload SDK has two connections to the Xavier NX. The first connection is ethernet <-> ethernet. The second connection is UART (TX, RX, GND) <-> UART [J12] (Pins 10, 8 and 9 respectively.)