Xavier NX on Board I2C devices


I am currently designing a carrier Board for the Xavier NX Module. For this design I need to choose a I2C Port for a constant datastream. Therefore I need one I2C Port to be only connected to my peripheral.

Now to my questions.
On the NX module, are there any devices connected to the available I2C Ports (I2C0, I2C1, I2C2, I2CCAM)?

Thank you in advance.

Both I2C0 and I2C1 are not connected to other devices.

Hi Trumany,

Thank you, I think I will use one of those I2C Ports.

Regarding I2C2 and I2CCAM, which devices are connected to those Boards? Is there a useful documentation about this topic?


You can check the OME DG and reference schematic for that. Also you should be able to use I2C detect command to scan devices on the line.

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Thanks for the fast response. I will look further into it.