Xavier NX on Connectech Quark


I recently bought an Nvidia Xavier NX devkit and a Connecttech Quark carrier board. After trying to flash the correct BSP for Quark onto the NX I realized that the BSP does not support Xavier NX devkit (with the sd card), and is meant for NX module (with internal emmc). Right now I am trying to modify the BSP to work with the devkit.

I have changed the main .cfg file for the board and replaced emmc storage xml with spi-sd card xml, and the flashing procedure actually works, however after flashing the module does not boot on either carriers (the default devkit carrier and the Quark).

Are there any other modifications I need to make in order to run the board from the sd card?


I can’t answer this, please contact with Connectech to get the support.

Hi Sergey,

Do you mind sharing what you modified to get this to work? Perhaps the config file or the changes you made?