Xavier NX PCIE Endpoint Mode with JetPack 5.1.2 patches still needed?

Does this latest release (5.1.2) address the PCIE Endpoint Mode configuration patches with having to manually change files or is it automatically taken into account like the 4.X releases?

More simply, do we have to apply the same patches as previous 5.X releases?

See this thread for reference:

Thank you!

Yes, this is still needed.

So I followed the same steps to enable the PCIe EndPoint Mode using 5.1.2 (same as 5.1), but there are some missing files. In the Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader directory, there are not any tegra194-* files. So when I modify the file tegra194-p3668-p3509-overlay.dtbo to add the PCIe code in it, I am supposed to overwrite that file in the bootloader directory (that file doesn’t exist).

So, how do I implement the PCIe Endpoint mode using Jetpack 5.1.2?
Please provide instructions on how this is to be done.

please file a new topic and share your boot up log.

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