Xavier NX Power Sequence on Software Reboot

I want to know what the pin timing looks like on SHUTDOWN_REQ* during a software reboot of the xavier (i.e ‘sudo reboot’).

We’re designing a carrier board and the IC we’re using to control shutdowns will reboot the system if this signal is driven for less than 1.4s, which seemed fine, but the Xavier hangs on reboot and must be force power cycled.

We’ve read through the docs (section 5) of the Design Guide, but that doesn’t explain what happens during a software reboot.

Is there a way to change this timing in the kernel? Is it well defined what the OS specifies on that signal?

hello smith.stephen.mitchell,

could you please share more details of the issue reproduce steps.
besides, could you please setup serial console to gather detail bootloader messages for reference.

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