Xavier NX RTC Module Shutoff Request

OK, I looked in the log file and found that the Xavier NX is P3668. From this I went and located the file:

tegra194-mb1-bct-pmic-p3668-0001-a00.cfg (only file under P3668 for PMIC)

From Coin Cell Battery charging disable - #3 by TheBenjamin

The solution had said for T194, insert the following command:

pmic.system.block[2].commands[1].0x04.0x01 = 0x0;

I did the above and did notice during the FLASH process from a typo that I did have the right file now. Unfortunately, after a few test flashes, modifying and adding the above line did not work. I am still reading a 3.00 Volt potential.

Any ideas what I would be missing? Thanks,