Xavier NX Soldering Technique

I’m trying to solder a header into J18 on the Xavier NX to power the unit but I’m having difficulty getting the solder to adhere to the pads, it “works” but its not a good joint with a result similar to insufficient wetting. Does the NX have some sort of coating that needs to be removed first or does it just need more heat?

Hi, have you tried soldering flux? The pads should be not special for soldering.

I haven’t tried flux beyond what is in the solder core but I will load it up with flux the next one I try. I had similar issues when attaching the battery holder to Jetson nano developer kits. The experience is similar to soldering a GND pin without thermal relief.

As for the soldering, flux will be helpful. If it is a pad with large area copper connected, like GND pad, it needs to put soldering iron on the pad for more time so that pad temperature is high enough.

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