Xavier NX SPI setup for FRAM memory modules

My fast FRAM SPI memory modules worked like a charm on my Arduino, but I absolutely cannot configure my new Xavier NX. JetPack Images 4.4 and 4.5.

Did you enable the SPI by jetson-io? What did you do for it on Xaver?

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Thanks Shane very much. You helped me solve this.

I did go back in using the “> sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/jetson-io.py”,
but this time I activated both SPI settings. I connected the Adafruit FRAM-SPI-8-bit memory to pins 19 mosi, 21 miso, 23 clk, but the CS I connected to pin 29=GPIO 05 being given at Adafruit as board.D5. I entered the decimal value 170 and the fram[0] hex output is printed as "bytearray(b’xaa’).

So it works. Now is there a simple ubuntu 18.04 function which converts this to my straight base 10 integer = 170 input?

Many thanks again Shane.

PS: Do you know of a list of conversions between say GPIO 05, board.D5, and pin 29? Thanks in advance.

Not sure if you talk about tegra GPIO pin. Have a reference below pin map.

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Great thanks.