Xavier NX ttyTHS0 will send some invalid characters when shutting down

Hello nvidia,

I disabled nvgetty.service (use systemctl disable nvgetty.service), and Xavier NX ttyTHS0 still will send some invalid characters when shutting down(unplug the power or run the poweroff command or run the reboot command).

Our products will be used in industrial environments, and this ttyTHS0 behavior is a concern.

hello xieyixingwei ,

could you please share the content for reference,
you may also view as hex value, is this always shows the same value or it looks like noise?

the content is ‘00 0D 0A’ in hex

hello xieyixingwei,

could you please also check it’s always shows the same value?

yes, it always send the same value

Just for reference, that is a NULL followed by a Windows style end of line.