Xavier NX USB 3.1 Ports not working

Hello all. I’ve seen the older forum posts regarding this and none of them address my situation. My NX boots up fine, but the USB 3.1 ports are not communicating with any device (mouse keyboard etc). The USB 3.1 ports are able to power those devices just fine. I’ve tested those devices on my other NX and they work. Anyone else out there having this issue?

Is this a dev kit? If not, then you’d need a different device tree (the board support package provided by the carrier board manufacturer). Someone else can probably answer if it is a dev kit, but you’d likely start by flashing the NX again. In the case of an SD card dev kit model there is QSPI memory on the Jetson itself, and if this is not matching with a compatible release of SD card, then the QSPI would need flashing (and if this is an eMMC model then you’d need to state which carrier board it is on, e.g., on a dev kit carrier board or a third party carrier board).

Also, a serial console boot log would be very useful.

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