Xavier NX USB C and Alt mode support

Hi support,

I have a question that does Xavier NX support USB C and Alt mode like Xavier AGX?. I know that from hardware, we can add circuit but how about software?


We now only have product design:

The adaptation guide for software device tree programming is undergoing. Please wait for the release.

On Jetson nano we had huge problems with power consumption, 4A@5V power requirement, huge current at really low voltage had it’s toll on development process. I hope jetson xavier nx will be powered by USB C PD to solve this issues.

On any device that uses a Micro USB connector, other then blinky LED don’t waste your time, look up the power spec on the Micro USB connector… Raspberry PI 4 is the first Raspberry to move on from stupid. The Nano development setup has a barrel connector, spend $10 and buy a 50 watt supply with a barrel connector! no, you did not pull 4A@5V through a Micro USB connector.