Xavier NX use argus sample syncSensor capture 6 camera error


I use xavier NX to sync capture 6 cameras 2616 *1964 30fps mipi, By modifying Argus sample/syncSensor,
from the original 2 channels left&right to 6channels。
The program runs normally when the channel is 4,but Add channel to 5 or 6,Program runs error。

The program error information is as follows:
Executing Argus Sample: argus_syncsensor
Argus Version: 0.98.3 (multi-process)
(Argus) Error EndOfFile: Unexpected error in reading socket (in src/rpc/socket/client/ClientSocketManager.cpp, function recvThreadCore(), line 266)
(Argus) Error EndOfFile: Receive worker failure, notifying 1 waiting threads (in src/rpc/socket/client/ClientSocketManager.cpp, function recvThreadCore(), line 340)
(Argus) Error EndOfFile: Client thread received an error from socket (in src/rpc/socket/client/ClientSocketManager.cpp, function send(), line 145)
(Argus) Error EndOfFile: (propagating from src/rpc/socket/client/SocketClientDispatch.cpp, function dispatch(), line 91)
Error generated. /usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api/argus/samples/syncSensor/main.cpp, execute:482 Failed to get capture session interface
(Argus) Error InvalidState: Receive thread is not running cannot send. (in src/rpc/socket/client/ClientSocketManager.cpp, function send(), line 96)
(Argus) Error InvalidState: (propagating from src/rpc/socket/client/SocketClientDispatch.cpp, function dispatch(), line 91)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Can you tell me what the problem is? How do I get 6 channels synchronously?

I use cmake make make install compile argus ,Is this problem related to the Argus compile option?

Sorry, to tell above 4 cameras for multiple sensors one session.

It’s camera SCF software design limitation for multiple sensors per single session.

Our current hardware driver supports 1master-5 slave,Is there any method to realize the synchronous acquisition of 6-channel Mipi?

Current maybe using multiple sessions and check the timestamp to drop to try sync them only.