XAVIER NX VIH VIL Electrical Specification

Hello Team

I am working on the xavier nx.
I would like to know what are the Vih, Vil of signals which are output of VDD 1.8 and have 3.3v tolerance enable.
For example, PCIe0_RST* pin 181 as a root complex is defined as output with VDD of 1.8v however it has 3.3v tolerance enable and has P.U to 3.3v. So what is its electrical level because they are referenced to VDD.
Is VOH is 0.85VDD=0.851.8=1.53v? or 0.85*3.3=2.8v?
Please clarify


Hi, 3.3v tolerance function needs to be enable/disable in pinmux setting. The Vih and Vil depends on the voltage level used.

Sorry i didn’t explain myself very well
For output signals such as PCIe_RST* which are output when the NX is RC.
I am trying to understand what is the VOH and VOL.
The PCIe0_RST* is under 1.8v VDD in the pin mux document. In the datasheet it is pulled up internally to 3.3V by the module.
I saw in the pinmux document that the 3.3v tolerance for that pin is enabled.
In this occasion what is the Vol and Voh of the PCIe0_RST* ? is it according to 1.8v or 3.3v.?
If it is for 1.8v then VOH = 0.85*1.8=1.53v which is below the VIH of the PCIe endpoint characteristics (which is referenced to 3.3v).
Please clarify


It is according to 3.3v.

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