Xavier NX wifi issues

I am not able to get WiFi, cooling fan, SD Card reader and CSI camera port working all at once. I am using the NX with Aetina’s AN110 carrier board and the drivers & software from here. The WiFi module I am using is the Intel Desktop Wireless M.2 Kit Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265. Everything that I have tried has been using JP4.4 DP.

What I have done so far is followed the steps from here, but run the script provided by Aetina before the flashing step. This allows the NX to start up, but the wifi is hardblocked (and the CSI port does not recognise my RPi v2 cam). To try and fix this, I then tried to build and flash across the dtb only (I have also tried flashing across the kernel image and modules as well with no luck) using these instructions, after having applied the patch mentioned here. After flashing across only the dtb, the wifi is not hardblocked anymore (and the CSI camera port recognises my RPi v2 cam), however the fan and SD card reader stop working. I also tried applying the previous patches in the thread with the same results.

I have included both the dmesg logs
wifi_not_working.txt (80.0 KB)
wifi_working.txt (67.7 KB)

Any suggestions on how to fix this/what I might be doing incorrectly

Hi ChrisH,

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get your wifi working?
Any result can be shared?


Haven’t been able to get wifi working at the same time as the fan and SD card reader


Does Aetina provide their own dtb files or driver package for you to set up their carrier board?

If so, then probably you just removed their patch during your fix on wifi… if you used our kernel source directly, then it does not contain what Aetina had modified. Every vendor has their own driver package.

According to your log, sd controller is disabled. I guess it is disabled in device tree.

Aetina provides their own dtb called tegra194-p3668-all-p3509-0000.dtb which is copied across (among other files) to the folder containing JP 4.4DP. This overwrites the one provided in the jetpack folder download via the sdkm and the dtb generated when building from source.