Xavier NX won't boot without HDMI plugged in

We have a Jetson Xavier NX on custom carrier board, which won’t boot without an HDMI monitor plugged in. Currently we are using JP 5.1.1.
The UEFI starts up, then prints many newlines, then errors with lots of RAS Error lines.
coldBootWithoutHDMI.log (43.2 KB)

This only happens if there is no monitor connected. If I connect a monitor to HDMI, the Jetson boots normally.
coldBootWithHDMI.log (16.7 KB)

What do I need to do to fix this boot error, so we don’t have to have a monitor plugged in for the Jetson to boot?

Could you try to use jp5.1.3 first?

Hi Wayne.
We would like to stay on JP 5.1.1. Could you tell me where the bug is, so that we can see if it would be easier to switch to 5.1.3 or to patch on 5.1.1?

Also, I will run a test on 5.1.3 to see if it is any better.

No, I don’t know what bug it is but we don’t debug on old release.

My suggestion is just for debug purpose.

I have built 5.1.3 with default .config, and flashed, and it boots without HDMI inserted!
I will continue testing and let you know if there is something else keeping us from migrating to 5.1.3. But, hopefully that will fix it.

5.1.3 works both with and without HDMI plugged in.
We should be able to migrate, so we will do that.

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