Xavier NX硬件解码

目前我们使用Xavier是用软件解码,h264 视频流 1080p,6core耗性能太高了,而且速度太慢,差不多0.8-1.3一帧关键帧。请问如果用硬解码要怎么去做?是否可以减低CPU的占用率?

The translation for this post is :
At present we use Xavier is decoded with software, h264 video stream 1080p, 6core consumption performance is too high, and the speed is too slow, almost 0 8 1 3 frame keyframes. How do I do it if I use hard decoding? Is it possible to reduce cpu occupancy?

Since this is a video processing question I am moving the category of this post to help get the correct attention.