Xavier of 32.3.1 start up failed sometimes. Do you know the reason?

Xavier custom board of 32.3.1 start up failed sometimes.The following is the log captured two times failed in two different places.Do you know the reason?
xavier-startup-failed-2.txt (10.1 KB)
xavier-startup-failed.txt (6.4 KB)

Is there any reason you have to stick with 32.3.1?

Yes, we have lots of xavier board with 32.3.1.Updating version is a big work.

Did these error happen on all devices or only parts of?
Were them working properly before?

Only parts of devices have the error and the xavier board worked properly before.

For the first log, it looks like some display issue, and do you have other monitors for testing?
For the second log, have you tried re-flashing?

We didn’t have any monitors for testing.Also, we didn’t try re-flashing.

you should have at least tried re-flashing…
Especially when the device was working fine before, but just bumped into some issues now.

Can you understand?

I upload the xaiver-startup-ok.txt to mean that the Xavier start up OK with flashing.
The capture section is as following:

[0001.364] I> 11) Base:0x40000000 Size:0x00040000
[0001.415] I> 12) Base:0xf0c00000 Size:0x00100000
[0001.419] I> 13) Base:0x40046000 Size:0x00002000
[0001.424] I> 14) Base:0x40048000 Size:0x00002000
[0001.428] I> 15) Base:0xac000000 Size:0x00004000
[0001.433] I> 16) Base:0x4004a000 Size:0x00002000
[0001.437] I> 17) Base:0xf0b00000 Size:0x00100000
[0001.442] I> 18) Base:0x4004c000 Size:0x00002000
[0001.446] I> 19) Base:0xf2200000 Size:0x00600000
[0001.450] I> 20) Base:0x4004e000 Size:0x00002000
[0001.455] I> 21) Base:0xf09d0000 Size:0x0000c000
[0001.459] I> 22) Base:0x00000000 Size:0x00000000
[0001.464] I> 23) Base:0xf09e0000 Size:0x00020000
[0001.468] I> 24) Base:0xf6000000 Size:0x02000000
[0001.473] I> 25) Base:0x40050000 Size:0x00002000
[0001.477] I> 26) Base:0x40040000 Size:0x00006000
[0001.482] I> 27) Base:0xf1800000 Size:0x00400000
[0001.486] I> 28) Base:0xf4c00000 Size:0x01400000
[0001.491] I> 29) Base:0xf1400000 Size:0x00400000
[0001.495] I> 30) Base:0xf0a00000 Size:0x00100000
[0001.500] I> 31) Base:0x00000000 Size:0x00000000
[0001.504] I> 32) Base:0xf8000000 Size:0x08000000
[0001.508] I> 33) Base:0x00000000 Size:0x00000000
[0001.513] I> 34) Base:0xf3c00000 Size:0x01000000
[0001.517] I> 35) Base:0xab000000 Size:0x01000000
[0001.522] I> 36) Base:0xa0000000 Size:0x0b000000
[0001.526] I> 37) Base:0xf2800000 Size:0x00800000
[0001.531] I> 38) Base:0x80000000 Size:0x20000000
[0001.535] I> 39) Base:0xb0000000 Size:0x08000000
[0001.540] I> 40) Base:0x00000000 Size:0x00000000
[0001.544] I> 41) Base:0x00000000 Size:0x00000000
[0001.549] I> 42) Base:0x00000000 Size:0x00000000
[0001.553] I> 43) Base:0x00000000 Size:0x00000000
[0001.558] I> 44) Base:0x00000000 Size:0x00000000
[0001.562] I> 45) Base:0x00000000 Size:0x00000000

I mean you should try re-flashing.

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