xavier pcie configure


We use the xavier designed a board.
About the UPHY configure, the xavier kit board configure as follows:
C0 — lane2 lane3 lane4 lane5
C1 — lane0
C2 — not use
C3 — lane7
C4 — lane8 lan9
USB3-2 — lane1
USB3-0 — lane6
USB3-3 — lane11
UFS — lane10

But, The hardware we designed is different from xavier kit board. our board configure as follows:
C0 — lane2 lane3
C1 — lane6
C2 — lane5
C3 — lane7
C4 — lane0
USB3-2 — lane1
USB3-1 — lane4
USB3-3 — lane11
SATA — lane10

we edit the file “Jetson_AGX_Series_DevKit_Pinmux_Configuration_Template.xslm” about the UPHY, and gengrate the dt file, but in the dt file, we could not find the content about the UPHY. so, we could not edit the UPHY default configure.

According to the description of the document “Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_AGX_Xavier_Adaptation_Guide.pdf”, The UPHY can be configured through file BPMP.dts. But, In the source code, we can’t find this file.

Can you tell me how to modify the UPHY default configure for our board?


I believe it is duplicated with topic 1061342. Please check our reply on 1061342. Thanks.