Xavier PCIe reference clock


I’m using Xavier as a root complex.
i want to connect the PCIe refclk output from Xavier to the end point, which in my case is an LVDS/LVPECL reference clock input.
what is the type of Xavier refclk output? I didn’t find it in the datasheet.


Xavier’s refclk is a standard differential clock with 800 mV peak-to-peak

Thank you.
Is it LVDS?
Where can I see the electricl characteristics?
The receiver is Xilink Ultrascale+ PS-GTR reference clock input.
The signal has AC coupling capacitors.
Will this work?

I’ll check with our team and get back to you on this.

Xavier PCIe follows PCIe spec (i.e. section 8.6 of PCIe spec rev 4. ) hence please design/configure your endpoint accordingly.

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