Xavier Power consumption information (Solved)

Hi Nvidia team,

Could you please help to provide Xavier Power consumption data(SYS_VIN_MV and SYS_VIN_HV) for our reference, thanks


Consumption data vary a lot depend on software version and use case, normally we will provide MAX data instead.
For now these data still under define, if for evaluation, please use SYS_VIN_HV 19V@3A and SYS_VIN_MV 5V @3A temporarily.
Please be aware these number may be updated in later document release, check the latest before set your design.

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Hi Jim,

thanks for your reply,
According to the spec(JetsonXavierSOMDataSheet_V0.7), We can see Module power is 10W~30W,
but as you description is 72W(SYS_VIN_HV 19V@3A and SYS_VIN_MV 5V @3A), can you provide detail data for our reference, thanks


Don’t forget that the power source passes through to power PCIe, USB, and M.2 slots (the power source needs to be rated for total power consumption, not just the module).

Hi Kevin,

The 10W~30W is the energy budget range of predefined nvpmodels that Jetson can provide the best performance with. The maximum module power is surely less than 72W which will be updated in future if available.

The maximum power might be updated if any new upgrade in future, please keep following the released spec in download center.

I can’t find any certain description of peak power consumption for the Xavier.
So, what power limit should I take as a basis to design a Power Supply Unit?

Hi, the power consumption is case by case and also decided by thermal solution. Generally you can take ~50W as design reference.

How would that input power be split between the HV and MV inputs?

It is also up to use case.

Is this “50W” a reasonable assumption for MAX-N mode with “~/jetson_clocks.sh” (i.e. max fan rpm)?
I looked for power consumption reference for MAX-N mode but was not able to find.
If you have any documentation about MAX-N mode power consumption and could share it, I would be really grateful.

Thank you in advance.

MAX-N has no cap for power budget. 50W is just a general value for most use case. You can find more in this link: [url]https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2018/10/07/nvpmodel-nvidia-jetson-agx-xavier-developer-kit/[/url]


is it possible to use PCIe card that need 75w on the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit using the x16 PCIe slot for example a PCIe device like nvidia T4.

Hi baselmutlak,

Please open a new topic for your issue.

Hello Team,

As per the updated datasheet of AGX Xavier SoM, the power consumption of the Module is 10-30W.

But as per the absolute maximum power consumption table,

  1. SYS_VIN_HV —> 20V@5.4A
  2. SYS_VIN_MV —> 5V@6A
    together it adds up to (108W + 30W) 138W.

Please guide how to consider the typical and maximum current consumption on SYS_VIN_HV & SYS_VIN_MV rails.

Chithambara Ganesh

Hi chithambara.ganesh,

Please open a new topic for your issue. Thanks

I have created a new case. Please refer below link for the same.

Chithambara Ganesh