Xavier SoC IBIS model

Is there an IBIS model available for the Xavier SoC

This won’t help a lot, but looking at this (you need to be logged in for this), it seems it is not available yet (or it is not found by developer search engine).

ok anyone know when the Jetson AGX Xavier S-Parameter Files will be released.

Seems these are available since a few days. Check the link above.

the pcie ibis model pcie_ibis_3d5dB.ibs calls out the following spice model

| Corner corner_name file_name circuit_name
Corner Typ x1_pcie_tx_spice.sp pcie_tx_gen2_typ_3d5dB
Corner Min x1_pcie_tx_spice.sp pcie_tx_gen2_min_3d5dB
Corner Max x1_pcie_tx_spice.sp pcie_tx_gen2_max_3d5dB

but the spice model is not in the ibis model folder.

I can’t say for sure, but I believe spice models are not released. The public information (e.g., IBIS) is for interfacing to the module.